Welcome to Mom's Wall Decals




Welcome To Mom’s Wall Decals

Our wall decal store began when I purchased the website from a friend. As with any online store, Mom's Wall Decals is slowly becoming something that satisfies our customers' needs and reflects our style. In its infancy, our decal store included Twilight decals, Disney decals, nursery decals, Dr. Seuss decals, and love quote decals. These categories were all good, but not all of them held true to who we are.

We are a husband and wife team that owns and operates a successful online vehicle safety lighting store. We have four children. We are Christians (not the "bible-thumping" kind, but the kind that believe that Jesus died on a cross to pay for our sins and would love to tell you more about Him if you asked). We are busy...always! Now, I love to work with my husband and his business (most days), and God has blessed that partnership. However, selling safety lighting to a primarily male customer base does not always "satisfy my soul". I'm more of an Anne of Green Gables reading, piano playing, all things theatrical loving kind of gal.

Mom's Wall Decals was originally bought as my outlet. However, as it morphs into its own identity, I see it becoming much more than that. My husband is very good at cutting, weeding, and completing the decals. He grew up working for his uncle, who just happens to be a painter and sign maker. He is very picky about each decal that we produce, if it isn't good enough to go on our wall, it isn't going out to the customer.

As our decal store begins its adolescence, we will focus more on churches, youth groups, etc. We feel that this is where my heart is and where I can produce the best decals. We will be adding more verse wall decals, youth room wall decals, and children's church / Sunday School room decals. If you have any ideas, e-mail us at sales@momswalldecals.com. We look forward to meeting your wall decorating needs!